How Secure Is Your IT?

There is no such thing as complete security. A look at recent cases at Sony, Lockheed Martin and Wikileaks show us that even the most security conscious companies cannot guarantee security. Instead, security is a sliding scale – all we can do is reduce risk. Taking prudent steps to make your infrastructure secure can go a long way towards mitigating the risks.

In addition to our own security, businesses may be subject to regulation related to their information security. HIPAA and HITECH are these regulations in the healthcare industry. Keeping a patients data private and ensuring its integrity while making sure that this information is available to those who legitimately need access is critical to an efficient, effective, and trusted healthcare provider. We are familiar with these and other data security regulations and can help you ensure compliance.

There are many technologies Pendasi is capable of deploying and supporting: Firewalls, Anti-virus software, encrypted communications, secure backups, securing physical access etc. But at Pendasi, we believe that security is more than just implementing a technology. Security is constantly on our minds as we recommend, deploy and support solutions. Finding the right balance between security, cost and ease of use can only be done by conscious effort and years of experience.

This security awareness video by was developed to promote simple changes in behavior that will strengthen the security of information.

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