Disaster Recovery

How Critical Would Data Loss Be To Your Business?

Did you know that for companies without a disaster recovery plan and who experienced a major loss of business data:

  •     43% never reopened

  •     51% closed within two years

  •    6% survive long term

Mymanagedbackup out of Georgia has a very revealing page on direct effects of data loss on small to medium size business (SMB). mymanagedbackup data loss statistics

IBM provides insight into small to medium size business (SMB) risk management in their 3 part video series. Watch Video

Disaster recovery is a both a business and a technology issue that needs to be pro-actively addressed. The business decision makers must prioritize their data, applications, and systems. Which systems are the critical business systems and who supports these systems? Which data is critical and how is it being protected? What are the steps to recover the systems? Integration of your technology plan with your business plan is a necessity. The extent that your business relies upon technology will determine the appropriate investment in your recovery systems.

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Wikipedia on data loss

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