Server Room Design

Whether you are installing a new server room or providing for the ever increasing energy and cooling requirements in your current server room, Pendasi server room design consultants evaluate the special requirements of your facilities and creates cost effective solutions that meet the objectives of your organization.

Pendasi consultants have more than 40+ years combined experience designing, installing, and maintaining advanced technology systems and server room facilities.

Our consultants take the time to understand your needs and design solutions to support higher density footprints and reduce upfront capital expenditures. Our server room designs are flexible to offer you the ability to build as you grow.

Whether you are building a new server room, addressing energy issues, cooling requirements, or space capacity issues in your server room Pendasi can design the solution that is right for your organization.

Pendasi Business Server Room Design Consulting located in Scottsdale, AZ and serving the entire Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.

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