Server Room Maintenance: Monitoring & Control

Server Room Monitoring & Control can be separated into 2 functions.

  1. Server Room Performance Monitoring & Control
  2. Server Room Environment Monitoring & Control

Pendasi Performance Server Room Monitoring & Control. Following are some of the components of the server room/server closet/data center that Pendasi monitors & controls:

  •     Event logs
  •     CPU, Memory and Network usage
  •     Disk space
  •     Running services
  •     Log files
  •     SNMP object values
  •     Running processes
  •     Ping response times
  •     Directory quotas
  •     Changed files and directories
  •     FTP servers
  •     POP, IMAP and SMTP mail servers
  •     Web page content and load times
  •     TCP port response
  •     Citrix Monitoring
  •     Additional resources via user scripts

Pendasi consultants ahve 40+ years combined experience in server room maintenance, server room monitoring, and server room control. Pendasi consultants control your server room performance and environment to minimize threats to your business.

Pendasi Business IT Server Room Maintenance, Server Room Monitoring, and Server Room Control located in Scottsdale, AZ and serving the entire Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.


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