Pay Per Click Business Marketing


There are 2 types of Pay Per Click options:

  1. Keyword Based
  2. Demographic Based

Keyword based PPC includes Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo. You select your keywords and pay for visitors who enter your website as a result of being directed from the selected keyword search on the PPC search engine.

Do you want as many clicks as possible on your keyword searches and you are not too picky about the visitors demographics? If so, a keyword based PPC would be your best choice rather than a demographic PPC.

Demographic based PPC includes Facebook and LinkedIn. You select the demographic characteristics of the users that you want to visit your website.

Do you only want CEO’s, business owners, and company presidents who are located in your city to see your ads? If so, make sure to implement a demographic PPC campaign rather than a keyword campaign.

Here are the links to the various PPC providers:


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