Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated but necessary business marketing activity. Even SEO experts cannot agree on what works best to increase your search engine rank.

Is SEO something a small business should pay an outside firm to perform? You will find many levels of agreement and disagreement on this very topic. Pendasi will take you step by step through many of the ins and outs of SEO. By reading each one of our pages on SEO and implementing the steps, you will be able to increase your rank through your own efforts.

There is so much to analyze about SEO. However, the key to SEO is good website design. A properly designed website with good content will automatically achieve quality SEO results. SEO efforts for a poorly designed website will usually constitute the website to be re-worked and often completely redone.

If you would rather outsource your SEO, contact Pendasi and we can assist your business in achieving quality SEO results. We also design quality SEO tailored websites.

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Pendasi Business SEO Consulting located in Scottsdale, AZ and serving the entire Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.

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