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Crawlabilty is the key factor in white-hat SEO. Content rich, quality url’s, proper coding, keywords (content, relevance, and popularity), quality links, and page rank will be your primary SEO focus.

Website design is the primary factor in quality SEO. A website that is heavy in flash, java, and images may not rank high on search engines due to insufficient text. Google and other major search engines can only read text.

Search engines will scour the text of your site and index each page of the site by the URL of each page. Make sure to have a unique URL for each page on your site for better rankings. Also, make sure to have descriptive URL’s rather than generic URL’s: will be indexed much higher than Search engines will look for keywords in your URL, so make sure to have URL’s that contain the keyword/s for the page.

Content, for the sake of SEO, is text. Anything that is not text (video, images, audio, etc.) should be described with text using keywords. The more content you have on your website, the better you will rank on search engines, so if your website only has a few pages, you won’t rank well. If you want rankings, you MUST have a content rich website.

An effective way to produce a content rich website is to use a Content Management System (CMS) to construct your website. A CMS is designed to incorporate articles and blogs into your overall website. This creates a content rich website which lends itself to high rankings within the major search engines. When it comes to CMS, there are 3 great Open Source platforms: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. is a WordPress site (30 other incredible WordPress sites can be found at The top 4 Joomla sites are,,, and Nike, Universal Music, Warner Bros, Yahoo and Adobe are great Drupal sites.

A common saying in SEO is:

  • Content is good
  • More content is better
  • Lots of content is the best

Not only have to concentrate on the quantity of the content, but also the quality. A big factor in SEO is external links to your site. With quality content, your site will attract links from external sites. With poor content, you will fail to attract anybody to link to your content.

When selecting keywords, select keywords that are relevant. However, do not fall into the trap of pursuing the keywords that are most popular. Popular keywords will have thousands of websites pursuing SEO on the same search terms. Your SEO results will be much more productive by concentrating on relevant words to your website that ARE NOT the most popular words that are commonly searched.

You will rank much higher in the search engines for those terms. You will find a great portion of your traffic will come from searches on your relevant, but not common words.

Proper coding of your pages with proper structure to the page is another important SEO factor. Using the correct styles to make desired content stand out is a great SEO strategy.

Finally, popular websites get preference by the major search engines. What determines popularity? In life, it is determined by how many people want to hang out with you as well as the quality of the people who want to hang out with you. In SEO, popularity is similarly determined: how many sites link to you and what is the popularity of the sites linking to you. Search engines place a tremendous weight on the popularity of sites that link to you. Quality and interesting content is how you get those links.

OK… so now you have read this article on SEO and let me finish by saying this:

If you have a website that is content rich, well designed, and has quality interesting content then you have good SEO.

Kevin Fox, Pendasi

Pendasi Business SEO Consulting located in Scottsdale, AZ and serving the entire Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area.

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