Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

For the sake of this page, three top LinkedIn strategies will be reviewed:

  1. Connections
  2. Groups
  3. Recommendations


LinkedIn Connections

It is important to build your connections on LinkedIn. The list should consist of all these members:

  • They may need your services
  • You may need their services
  • They may know people who need your services
  • You may know people who need their services
  • They may be able to help you grow professionally

With all of these possibilities, your range of acceptable connections should be more open than closed. You should send invitations and accept invitations to ALL people who fall into any of the above categories.

Once you are in someones contacts, you will be able to send and receive direct messages between each other. LinkedIn is the largest B2B networking group in the world. It is networking without drive-time, expensive gas, meal expenses, etc… you network out of the comfort of your own home or office… and thanks to cloud technology, smart phones, and tablets you can stay connected from all over the world.


LinkedIn Groups

Groups allow you to join, participate in, and be recognized in, groups of your choice. Common criteria for joining groups:

  • Will the group provide necessary insight and knowledge to help me grow professionally?
  • Are the group members in the demographic of my business target market?
  • is the group geography specific so that I can meet with connections personally when marketing opportunities arise?

Think of joining a group like joining a health club. If you join and commit to regular participation, you will see results. Participate in Group discussions with valued content. You will connect with people and companies who will be your customers.


LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations can help set you apart from all the others. If you have excellent recommendations of your peers on your profile, you are much more likely to obtain business from connections that you have made from people and companies who may have previously known very little about you.

LinkedIn has a request recommendations option. If you have connections who are extremely pleased with you, your company, product, services, etc. send them all a request for a recommendation. The recommendations that you receive from them can multiply your LinkedIn referrals.

Recommendations are a two way street. If you have connections that you think highly of, go to their profile and give them an endorsement… some of them may even return the favor.

LinkedIn Connections, LinkedIn Groups, and LinkedIn Recommendations. These are the LinkedIn basics. Master these 3 topics on LinkedIn and master obtaining business through LinkedIn, the world’s largest business networking group.

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